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Shooting Stars Business Management

Shooting Stars Business Management

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About Shooting Stars Business Management - Hyacinthia Roberts

Hyacinthia helps you bridge the gap

Has making your money achieve your goals become a challenge? Do you want to change this?

With so much of your time allocated toward today, when will you find time to plan for tomorrow? How can you be sure that your finances increase over time and make certain that your wealth lasts a lifetime . . . or longer?

Hyacinthia Roberts can potentially help you leverage your financial successes into triumphs. She'll work with you to establish and pursue your goals with a Life Plan that will help your hard earned assets potentially grow and flourish.

...between where you are financially...

Hyacinthia is an athlete and business owner with 20 years experience in the financial service industry. She understands hard work, competition and the need to succeed. She knows what it takes to be the best at what she does . . . and your need to be the best at what you do! She successfully blends her career and personal life by spending quality time with her husband and two daughters. Born in Barbados, she immigrated to the United States, earned her MBA and launched a successful career in financial services. After earning her CPA, Hyacinthia served in various capacities. As an auditor, she learned the ins-and-outs of all types of financial instruments and then leveraged those skills to become a successful Wealth Management Planner.

...and where you want to be...

Hyacinthia can help you bridge the gap between today and tomorrow by remaining dedicated to your success, helping you grow and pursue your financial security.